What do the House and Senate need to do before Monday? Plenty. But it’s all very do-able, even in these last days of the legislative session.

The priority bills still in play include HB 1 (state budget), SB 2 (property tax reform) and HB 3 (school finance reform). All three bills went to conference committee and it appears that agreements have been reached on all three, although only SB 2 has a conference committee report filed and available for review.

HB 1 (state budget) and HB 3 (school finance and teacher compensation) are technically both still in conference committee. Because the bills are both very lengthy, the process of drafting and printing the bills can take some time.

The process

Once an agreed-upon bill is finalized, it must be distributed to all legislators. The deadline for this distribution in the House is midnight on Saturday, May 25.

Then the House and Senate will each vote on the bill – this is only a “yes” or “no” vote; there is no opportunity to amend a conference committee report on the floor. Sunday is the last day for adoption of conference committee reports.  If approved by both the House and Senate, the bill will then move on to the governor, who can sign it, veto it, or let it become law without his signature.

Monday, the final day of session, is reserved for technical corrections to bills.