Beginning in January 2021, eligible National Board Certified Teachers will earn a Recognized designation for purposes of a new Teacher Incentive Allotment, which provides between $3,000 and $9,000 per teacher, depending on the type of district (more for rural districts) and the number of educationally disadvantaged students at the teacher's campus (regardless of whether the district has an approved local teacher designation system in place).

TEA recently released a Q&A for National Board certification in Texas. It includes information about Teacher Incentive Allotment reimbursement for districts paying the cost of National Board certification for their teachers whose certification/renewal was achieved following the passage of House Bill 3 in summer 2019 (up to $1,900 for initial certification, up to $1,250 for renewal, and up to $495 for maintenance of certification).

Districts currently offering strategic compensation to NBCTs must submit an application by April 30 for NBCTs to be eligible for a 2019-2020 designation.