Advocacy for Educators

Legislative Advocacy – TCTA's top-ranked lobby team has earned a reputation for being a strong voice for teachers, thanks in part to our unmatched record of success. Check out TCTA's Legislative Accomplishments.

Agency Advocacy – TCTA remains involved post-session during the implementation of new laws with boards and state agencies. Find more information on issues under the following agencies' purview here:

Federal Advocacy – TCTA members are represented by the foremost independent lobbying company in Washington, D.C. TCTA has contracted with Van Scoyoc Associates, a full-service federal government affairs firm, since 2011. 

Political Action CommitteeAct For TCTA is funded through voluntary donations made by TCTA members. Contributions are distributed to education-friendly candidates seeking election for a statewide or legislative office, increasing TCTA's input in the political process.

Information Educators Need

Daily Legislative Updates – Our lobbyists carefully monitor and testify on legislation that could affect TCTA members and provide up-to-the-minute reports on legislative action. We post our Updates from the Capitol online and compile and email them weekly via the TCTA eUpdate.

Action Alerts – TCTA members who receive eUpdate also receive Action Alerts when needed during legislative sessions to notify them of votes and other matters requiring immediate attention.

Voter Information – TCTA created to help Texas educators prepare for the polls.

Latest News & Information – TCTA is committed to keeping our members up to date on what’s happening at the local and national levels in education policy and governmental affairs. Find our most recent updates here: