TCTA's annual Survival Guide is the ultimate reference tool for Texas educators. It covers classroom-related topics from duty-free lunch to STAAR.

Please note that all legal material in the Survival Guide is for general reference only and is not a substitute for the advice of an attorney. TCTA members who have questions or need further information may contact the TCTA staff at 888-879-8282. Members may submit general questions of a legal nature using Ask-A-Lawyer.

Information contained in the 2013-14 TCTA Survival Guide is current as of summer 2013 but is subject to change.

2013-14 Survival Guide Sections:

Post date
Your Job Jul 17, 2013
Your Legal Rights and Responsibilities Jul 17, 2013
Your Students Jul 17, 2013
Your Benefits Jul 17, 2013
Your Voice Jul 17, 2013
More for You Jul 17, 2013